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by Yonatan Brender, on Aug 20, 2018 12:32:14 PM

At Atooro, we have a laser focus on the deep tech sector, and we’re especially drawn to innovative projects concerning Natural Language Processing (NLP), Cybersecurity, and technologies that improve human-computer interaction …

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by Cathy Yagur, on Dec 6, 2017 4:32:09 PM

We are living on the edge of a new reality where it will be hard to distinguish where virtual starts and reality ends. Mobile phones are becoming more than just …

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by Ron Yagur, on Mar 28, 2017 9:06:22 PM

Introducing FarQR - the next generation QR Code! Sodyo has just launched a TV technology that every broadcaster should take a look at. FarQR Codes have a detection range of about …

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