We are living on the edge of a new reality where it will be hard to distinguish where virtual starts and reality ends. Mobile phones are becoming more than just a communication device - they are the key to the future. Phones will be used in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Say you’re in a stadium watching the your favorite team face off against its arch-rival. It’s cold and you’re hungry. You want nachos but you’re afraid to get up because it’s a tense moment and the game is tied. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could point your phone at the scoreboard, place your order and have your nachos delivered to you in your seat?

What if you’re watching your favorite design show and you fall in love with the chair that the host used – it would look perfect in your living room. Wouldn’t it be nice to just point your phone to the TV screen and make a quick purchase? But you need to make sure it fits in your living room. So you use Sodyo’s AR capability to ensure that the size is right and it looks good with your decor.

You’ve just bought your first apartment. Everything is packed - your buddies will be here in an hour to help you move. They can get a bit rowdy, so you need to make sure you keep track of everything. You use your phone to scan all the boxes, simultaneously, to create a record of what’s in each box, map which box goes in which room in the new place, and ensure that nothing gets lost in transit.

All of these scenarios, and more, are on their way. The problem is that today’s technologies just don’t quite get us there - they do not enable the physical and digital worlds to intertwine. With a new world order just an arm’s distance away, it’s time for a cutting edge technology to take you there.

This is where Sodyo comes in.

Sodyo enables people and businesses to interact seamlessly between the physical and digital worlds with a groundbreaking scanning technology which creates a stellar user experience.

Sodyo is a cutting edge, patented, color-based tagging technology that is based on image recognition and advanced algorithms. The technology’s unique characteristics allow Sodyo to work on any media, at any distance and to support simultaneous scanning of multiple markers. In addition, Sodyo provides a robust SDK that can be implemented into mobile applications, drones, mobile devices or any other device with a camera.

With Sodyo, you simply point the phone from any distance (up to hundreds of meters), scan the marker, and you are instantly connected to the actionable content behind the marker. As opposed to cumbersome, ugly QR codes that take up significant real estate - Sodyo’s marker is attractive, compact and adaptable. It can be made into any shape - from a car to a butterfly - depending on the use.

The technology can easily be applied to a wide range of markets and uses, including Augmented Reality, Logistics, Mobile Messaging, Mobile Applications, and Broadcast Media.

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