Gone are the days of passive TV consumption. Viewers want to interact with the content they’re seeing – and when they see an ad for something they like, they want to be able to act on it easily, whether that means shopping for themselves instantly, or sharing it with a family member who may be looking for gift ideas.

It’s up to the broadcaster to make that happen, and happen seamlessly, to maximize benefits both for viewers and for advertisers who pay the network to drive growth to their bottom line.

Do nothing, and the viewer will either shift their focus from the broadcast to a secondary device to search for the product, or they will continue watching and forget about the product, which is a waste of the advertiser’s dollars. It is critical to capture that viewer’s attention while they’re ready to act.

Steering viewers in the right direction means creating a simple path from the primary screen in the living room to the mobile device in the viewer’s hand. A scan code is one of the easiest ways to do that.


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At Sodyo, we use a colorful matrix which looks and functions similar to a QR code. People simply point their device’s camera at the code to interact. This ease of use and similarity to an existing, understood technology help lower the barrier to entry so that audiences can get straight to the content they want without having to learn a new technology.

But don’t be fooled by the similarities – the Sodyo technology is vastly superior in its underlying properties. Whereas QR codes were created for print media, the Sodyo markers were specifically developed to work on digital displays and print together. The markers work at much longer distances – in fact, if the same size codes are placed side by side, the Sodyo marker can be scanned from 15 times farther away and at a much faster rate.

The technological advantages don’t end there – for a full understanding of the advantages of the Sodyo Marker vs a QR code, or how it can be used in advertising, click the “Contact Us” button below.

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