As the Sodyo solution expands, so too do the opportunities for our partners to monetize content. The Sodyo Monetization Platform can help our partners leverage valuable real estate on our polling and coupon modules to create a new revenue stream. 

There are a few different ways to get the most out of the monetization toolkit.

First, broadcasters can simply sell the space to advertisers directly. The advertiser’s logo or slogan will then appear at the bottom of the screen for users who access the sponsored poll or coupon by scanning one of our Sodyo Markers. The benefit of this strategy is that any space can be sold to any advertiser.

But, sometimes it pays to take a more targeted approach! So, a second way to use the monetization platform is for “click to pay” -- a direct link to a purchase page, which could be placed strategically beneath a coupon for an item from that store, or at the end of a related poll.

Say that a brand has introduced a new product and wants to promote it. They could do so by offering a discount for the product through our coupon module, followed by a link that leads directly to a page where the coupon can be used and the item can be purchased. 

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Or, they can start by driving engagement via our polling module. For example, if it were a home furnishings brand: “Where would you put this item in your home?” Or, if it were a kitchen appliance brand: “What would you make with this mixer?” 

Now that the user’s imagination is piqued, it’s a great time to convert that inspiration to action by including a purchase link at the end of the poll. Instant gratification! 

The same strategy also works outside of home shopping. For example, during a sports game, a broadcaster might ask, “Which team is playing best today?” and include a link to the teams’ merchandise stores. 

Finally, the monetization space can be leveraged by the broadcaster itself, either to promote their own channel with a logo or slogan, or to share information such as a public service announcement.

Can you think of more ways to leverage our monetization platform? Let us know!

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