Sodyo Launches Secure Polling Module

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Sep 6, 2020 5:19:08 PM

Sodyo is rolling out more ways for broadcasters to share interactive content with end users, starting with polls. There's no longer a need for viewers to SMS or type in a URL to participate in broadcasters' polls - now they can Scan and Vote with Sodyo.

While a Sodyo Marker can link to anything, including a poll, the new end-to-end polling solution adds a dedicated and secure polling module that is available out of the box without requiring any technical setup. The option to “Create a Poll” now joins the home screen menu alongside creation of Sodyo Landing Page and Immediate Action.

Poll results are immediately available to the broadcaster, and real-time data can be displayed on a live broadcast if they would like.

Sodyo Polls provide secure and credible results useful for high-stakes polling. With Sodyo’s end-to-end solution, end users must scan the Marker to vote and are blocked from voting a second time using top of the line built in security measures. This provides an unbiased, trusted poll that broadcasters can rely on.


Suspicion of hacking or fraud can undercut public trust and defeat the purpose of polling in the first place. If a poll concerns topics such as an election or Covid-19, the stakes are too high to allow any uncertainty; both the poll creator and its end users must be confident in the results.

That’s why a secure, neutral platform like Sodyo is ideal for these scenarios. But, broadcasters can also create “just for fun” polls to their heart’s content.

The Sodyo content management application presents a user-friendly and intuitive poll setup interface. Users can add their own text, upload an eye-catching image, and provide up to 20 responses. Colors can be modified for easy branding or choose one of our pre-selected themes.

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