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Reserve a Test Drive While Watching a Car Commercial – FarQR Codes in Action

by Ron Yagur, on Jun 22, 2017 11:03:11 AM

In the car commercial of the future, TV viewers will be able to reserve a test drive while watching the commercial – in real-time and from any location in the family room. When I say “the car commercials of the future” – I mean 2017. The technology is available right now. Let’s take a look at how it works, from the TV audience’s perspective.

For this blog post, I strongly recommend you download and install Sodyo for iOS or Android. It will only take a moment, and you will get a front row seat for the action.


You’re watching TV and a car commercial appears on the screen. You’ve seen this before – a car driving along a pleasant view. You instantly recognize the FarQR Code on the top right of the screen – they’re easily recognizable and quietly fit in the background. The commercial continues. When you see the testimonials and finally the price, you decide you want to test drive the car.

You open your app. In this case, it is the Sodyo app, but in a real-life scenario, you are opening the app of the TV broadcaster. They have a popular app that you regularly use for programming information and news. The FarQR ability is embedded within your app.

You point the app towards the screen, and instantly a page appears on your smartphone which lets you reserve a test drive or call your local dealer. In a real-life scenario, you reserve a test drive at a nearby car dealership. By moving from TV to mobile, the broadcaster and advertiser have all of the tools commonly available on the internet, so choices and localization are easy.

From TV to Mobile

The moment you point the app to the TV screen and instantly scan the FarQR Code, you are making the move from TV to mobile – offline to online (O2O). TV to mobile allows advertisers and broadcasters to engage and interact with audiences like never before. It is a win-win for all sides, as the audience is hungry for more information about your content and commercials.

The key to FarQR Codes is in the speed and detection range. FarQR Codes have a detection range of 100x the size of the FarQR Code, so the viewer can be anywhere in the room.

If you didn’t already try it, download the Sodyo app for Android and iOS now, watch the video and experience the future of car commercials!

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