Which player performed the best in the game? What did viewers think of the latest episode of a popular TV series? How would they use a brand’s new product in their homes? Polling consumers is a great way for broadcasters to gather data that can improve profits for their network and its advertisers - and it’s a fun way for viewers to feel engaged and connected with the network or brand that is hosting the poll.

Sodyo’s end-to-end polling solution provides a dedicated, secure, and infinitely customizable module, straight out of the box, no technical setup required. It eliminates the need for consumers to SMS or type a URL to participate. Instead, it allows them to start answering questions as soon as they scan our Sodyo Marker on our partners’ broadcasts, advertisements, or wherever the Marker is found.

Our solution offers five types of polling: Text-based multiple choice, image-based multiple choice, Yes/No or A/B polling, rating answers on a numbered scale, and rating answers on a sliding meter scale.

All of our polls offer an optional top image or video and custom selection buttons. The text-based multiple choice polls include up to 20 possible text-only responses, whereas the image-based multiple choice polls are similar, but instead of representing answers as pure text, their answers include images such as photos, .gifs or videos.

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Yes/No polls offer customizable buttons with a variety of fun selections.

Rating polls use numbered buttons and other custom shapes to allow customers a range of responses on a numerical scale. Finally, meter polls provide similar functionality to rating polls, but with a slider in place of discrete answers.

Each poll format comes with preset design options for color, layout, and button style. You can even use a video instead of a header photo. Or, customize the appearance even further according to your own in-house style guides (for example, using established hex or RGB codes to match an existing brand color palette).

The sponsorship section creates an opportunity to add value by enabling our partners to monetize their polls in categories like home shopping, sports, and news. Partners can add advertisements to polling and/or “thank you” message screens. The sponsorship section is clickable and can drive traffic straight to a sponsor’s website, a specific product page, or additional coverage of the day’s news stories.

Finally, Sodyo has done the legwork of making our polling module secure to prevent hacking or fraud and ensure unbiased, credible results. Users must scan the Marker to vote and are blocked from voting a second time. Broadcasters receive immediate, real-time polling data and can share it on a live broadcast when relevant. Users can also see how their answers stacked up against other results once they are finished taking the poll.

Let us know how you would use Sodyo polling to drive engagement on your network! Contact us today to get started.

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