For those who are new to the Sodyo solutions suite, Fact Pages are a perfect place to start! They’re easy to set up in our Content Management System (CMS), making them a bite-size project for you with a result that is similarly bite-sized, fun, and easily digestible for viewers who scan your code. 

Building Fact Pages can help you learn your way around the CMS system, even if this is your first content item or campaign, and it can also help spark ideas for other landing pages or modules you’d like to build in the future. 

What’s in a Fact Page? 

Think of the Fact Page as a stylized landing page. When end users scan the Sodyo Marker on your broadcast, billboard, jumbotron, or whatever, this is where they will land. It’s a very simple page with an image or video, a title, and a small block of text. 

Multiple layout themes are available, and some themes include an optional icon - for example, a fork and knife if your fact page is related to food.

The final thing users will see on the Fact Page, if the partner chooses to use this space, is a sponsorship or ad. This is your opportunity to monetize the Fact Page. As always, the monetization field can include text, image, or both, and can be actively clickable with a link to the sponsor’s website, or a specific product for purchase.

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Visually, Fact Pages allow all the same customization options as our other modules and landing pages, including preset color palettes or the ability to choose your own colors. 

Don’t feel pressured to customize this page too heavily! Those who know the Sodyo system already, go ahead and customize to your heart’s content. Those who are new, never fear: Part of the beauty of Fact Pages is that they work just as well when you keep them simple.

What will you do with Sodyo Fact Pages?

There is so much you could do with a Fact Page. During a sports game, it could be used to share trivia about players or teams. During popular shows, viewers may enjoy learning more about the actors or production process. During a newscast, it may be helpful to define an unfamiliar term or provide context on an issue receiving ongoing coverage.

How would you use the Fact Page? Let us know or contact us today to get started!

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