Click or Scan: Sodyo is the True Omnichannel Solution

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Mar 15, 2021 5:30:00 PM

Drawing viewers into your world with scannable Sodyo Markers on broadcasts is definitely a piece of modern magic, if we do say so ourselves. 

But what happens when the viewer is already using their mobile device to watch your content - when the “second screen” is the primary, or only, screen?  

We know that certain demographics and certain regions tend to watch TV without actually owning a TV set, instead depending on other devices such as desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones to view news, sports, and their favorite shows.

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That’s why Sodyo Markers are not just scannable, but clickable. Viewers on desktop platforms can mouse over and click the Marker, while mobile users can simply tap to access the exact same content they could find by scanning your broadcast on a television screen.

The Marker will then take users to your content, if they have the correct app installed (either Sodyo’s QuikSnap or the network’s mobile app, running Sodyo technology). If they don’t have the app yet, it will take them to the appropriate app store to download it before redirecting to the content your viewer was trying to reach. 

Clickable Markers are just one of the myriad of features Sodyo offers to help our partners capitalize better than ever on our innovative scanning technology. Subscribe to our winter/spring 2021 blog series to learn more or contact us to get started today!

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