The World Becomes Scannable in 2019

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Jan 12, 2019 10:03:36 AM

Hi, hello, is this thing on? Great – hi, we’re Sodyo! You might not have heard of us yet, but you’re going to, because we’ve got big plans for 2019 – including exciting new feature releases and solutions for logistics and mobile payments.

I’m sorry, who are you?

Toto, we’re not in scan-code Kansas anymore. Sodyo makes colorful, scannable matrices that not only look prettier than QR codes – they also do a lot more.

The Sodyo Marker can be scanned from afar and on the move (you can even scan a bunch of them at once!). It can appear in print or digital environments, in-home or out-of-home, on TVs, billboards, posters and signs. And it has applications in both consumer-facing and back-end scenarios.

That unlocks new possibilities in a lot of categories. Here are four where we’re planning to make big waves this year.





It’s 2019; who watches TV without a smartphone in their hand nowadays? No one, that’s who – and our goal is to help broadcasters take advantage of that fact. A scan matrix serves as a call to action and can help these multitaskers achieve many of the goals they had in mind when they picked up the phone. Viewers can use the device that’s already in their hands to scan our code and…

  • Find out more information on a show or sporting event they’re watching
  • Order team merchandise and other goods
  • Visit an advertiser’s website for more info or to make a purchase
  • Donate to a charity or relief fund after watching a news report about it.

These are just some of our ideas. What are yours?

Out-of-Home Advertising

People spend three quarters of their day in the presence of an out-of-home ad. Visibility isn’t the problem. The problem is action. More specifically, lack thereof.

People see an ad at the bus stop, on the train, or on a highway billboard and want to act, but they can’t do it immediately. Then they forget. A scan matrix lets them act on that impulse instantly, whether they are making an actual purchase or just scooping up a branded benefit such as a coupon or a “buy one/get one” offer. It could also serve as a means of onboarding new customers and help tie together omnichannel advertising campaigns.

Instant gratification and a personalized path of least resistance. If you build it, they will come.


Imagine a warehouse for a certain international eCommerce giant. Now imagine being the person who has to walk around that warehouse with a barcode scanner, mapping inventory one box at a time.

Not only soul-crushing, but s…l…o…w.

Because of our distance and multiscan capabilities, labeling each box with a Sodyo Marker would let that employee walk into the warehouse and scan every visible package simultaneously. This task could also be done by an overhead camera that may already be installed in the warehouse for CCTV, which conveniently doesn’t even have a soul that could be crushed by doing this job.

Warehouse mapping helps with asset tracking and logistics. Find the right package faster or identify when it’s moved on by scanning automatically every minute. Sodyo Markers can also help with lot optimization and other logistics or supply chain needs. Look for our logistics product in Q2!

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are expected to grow to $503 billion by 2020, but so far, they have yet to really get off the ground in many places, despite success in parts of Asia. Sodyo Pay could reduce some of the challenges that have kept Americans and other from jumping on the mobile payments bandwagon.

  • Distance: Customers can scan from near or far, whereas most mobile payments today still require proximity.
  • Speed: Our tech scans faster than QR code readers and does so at any angle, in any lighting.
  • Multimedia: Slap it on any surface, print or digital, to create an interactive experience.
  • Enablement: Customers pay with their preferred payment provider. Sodyo Pay is not here to replace Apple/Google/Samsung Pay, but to facilitate easier use of these technologies.

QR codes already have their niche in mobile payments, but we don’t think they do enough; we want to take scan-to-pay technology to the next level in 2019! Look for our mobile payments solution in Q2.

Step Into Our Scannable World

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