New Year, New Features for Sodyo

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Jan 26, 2021 9:11:24 AM

It’s a new year, and Sodyo is thinking bigger than ever with a host of new features that will help partners capitalize better on our innovative scanning technology across all Sodyo services. We will be diving into each of the new features in our spring 2021 blog series, so make sure you’re subscribed below!

With the introduction of the consumer-facing QuikSnap mobile app in fall 2020, Sodyo transcended the network-specific platforms that enabled our technology to be used across a branded ecosystem, like when specific television broadcast networks white-labeled our solutions. 

Although we still offer white-label packages, introducing these new features have taken Sodyo to the next level of our evolution: from a technology “enabler” to an end-to-end interactive content solution. By creating our own content ecosystem, we have now gone beyond mere enablement of scanning. 

The bespoke app empowers end users to engage with interactive content via Sodyo Markers wherever they find them, whether at home on TV or out of home on a billboard or bus. 

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It also unlocks new potential for partners to capitalize on the “Explore” function and reach additional viewers who may not have encountered and scanned the original ad, but would still find the content relevant.

Our first big feature was the interactive secure polling module introduced in September. This feature allowed end users to scan and vote instantly, on anything from “How do you take your coffee?” to “How should we handle Covid-19?” 

Initial value came from secure, credible, real-time results provided to broadcasters who hosted the polls. As the polling function matures, we’ve added more options to make polls infinitely customizable depending on our partners’ needs. Read more in an upcoming blog post! 

We’re also introducing coupons, monetization, clickable and custom Markers, and more. Subscribe below to read all about it, or contact us today to start leveraging the power of interactivity with Sodyo.

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