Meet the Missing Link of Interactive TV at IBC Show 2017!

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Sep 13, 2017 9:12:00 AM

For decades, the promise of interactive TV has loomed over the broadcast industry. There were many valiant attempts with TV keyboards and devices in the 1980s and 1990s. And then came the internet - which offered the promise of connecting the world. Internet bubbles rose and receded, but TV remained non-interactive.

Modern TV - Sort of Interactive

Today, we can respond to TV content with our smartphones. But the experience is like using Windows 95 as a server in 2017 - the results are clunky at best. Reality fans are the only major TV audience who react to TV content - and not in real-time.

Smartphone - The Missing Physical Link to Interactive TV

The smartphone is the obvious missing link that will allow broadcasters to interact with TV audiences in real-time. Nearly everyone - even in the developing world - has a smartphone. In many countries, people consider a smartphone a higher priority than a laptop. Unlike a laptop - or almost anything besides possibly the wallet - we take our smartphones with us everywhere. When you leave your house in the morning, you take your keys, wallet and smartphone.

The smartphone just needs a way to connect to the TV.

Sodyo Connects TV to Smartphone

Sodyo is an “interactive TV enabler”. Broadcasters place a Sodyo FarQR Code (a colorful and much more powerful QR code) on the screen. Viewers recognize the colorful code on the TV and “scan it” with their smartphone. Content instantly appears on the smartphone and viewers can receive a special offer - which originated on the TV screen, fill out a form (reserving a test drive for a car, asking for a cruise or theme park brochure) or even complete a one-click purchase.

Sodyo is the key for TV broadcasters to “go interactive.”

If you are going to be at IBC Show 2017 in Amsterdam, I’d love to give you a quick live demonstration of Sodyo in action. Email me and let’s meet!

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