Home Shopping in the 21st Century

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Jan 29, 2019 10:00:00 AM

It’s 2019. Science has put a rover on Mars and data servers on the ocean floor. Grapes taste like cotton candy now. People can watch movies in the palm of their hand, have dog food delivered to their doorstep at the touch of a button, and secure their bank account with a thumbprint.

But when it comes to home shopping, many consumers are still expected to dial a phone number or type in a URL to place an order. If home shopping networks want to attract the next generation of shoppers, then they must bring the home shopping experience into the twenty-first century.

Some networks have introduced new products to attract younger viewers. That’s a key first step. But it’s not enough to offer WHAT shoppers want; networks must also offer it HOW they want.

The way we see it, there are three changes networks must make to remain relevant and viable: Aligning to viewers’ preferred shopping habits, lowering costs, and keeping the modern viewer engaged. Leveraging the latest in scan technology, Sodyo helps with all three.


Home Shopping


Aligning to Viewers’ Preferred Shopping Habits

If today’s shoppers want to buy something, they can already do so from their home – or anywhere – by visiting a mobile app, clicking targeted ads on social media, or by simply Googling it. These shopping habits all have one thing in common: they don’t require users to speak to a human, and that’s exactly how many people, especially the younger demographics, like it. To compete, home shopping networks must offer this, too.

Our small, colorful scan matrix, the Sodyo Marker, can be placed on any content, print or digital, and scanned by any smart device running the network’s mobile app. A simple scan could take shoppers from looking at a product they want, to securely paying for that product and having it shipped to their home in an instant – no phone call required.

Today’s shoppers follow the path of least resistance. Even asking them to type a URL into their smartphone’s navigation bar can deter many consumers from completing a purchase. The Sodyo Marker facilitates the instant gratification they crave.

Lowering Costs

A phone line has continual upkeep costs, from paying call center employees to paying the telecom company just to keep the line active. Some companies choose to pass this cost along to the consumer, which in itself may be a sales deterrent.

Conversely, adding a Sodyo Marker to broadcast content is an effort that pays off over time. The network’s post-production team simply overlays the marker onto the broadcast and sends it out into the world for viewers to scan again and again.

The Sodyo Marker can also be utilized as a cost-effective way to provide viewers with support. When they scan a marker, they can instantly be connected to help, live or via a bot, contributing to that all-important customer experience and simultaneously lowering costs.

Keeping Users Engaged

Sodyo’s solution ties together the TV and the smartphones that are in users’ hands anyway. Not only does this make it more appealing to younger audiences – it also helps keep their attention on the network’s content instead of allowing their focus to drift to something else on their phone.

When viewers have made a purchase decision, scanning reduces the barriers between the moment of decision and completing the purchase. Speeding up this process can encourage users to follow through instead of abandoning their cart – that’s exactly why Amazon and other successful eCommerce sites offer one-click shopping!

Endless Possibilities

Scan tech also unlocks opportunities that were not possible via phone. A Sodyo Marker doesn’t have to be just a “Buy Now!” button; it can lead to any content the broadcaster wishes. For example, networks use it to upsell products that pair well together – the television screen might be offering a really great shirt and when the viewer scans the marker, she will see an offer for a great pair of boots that will look amazing with it. The marker can also push sale events to viewers’ calendars to make sure they don’t miss anything. When utilized in conjunction with AR capability, the possibilities are endless and amazing.

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