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The Holy Grail For Home Shopping Networks - TV to Mobile

by Ron Yagur, on May 29, 2017 10:44:50 AM

You’re sitting on the couch watching a home shopping network on TV and decide to buy the skin care set. You know you won’t find this product at your local mall, so you reach for the phone. Or do you go to the website and order online?

The Perils of Distractions

When you pick up the phone to order something, you feel like someone with a hidden collection of The Pointer Sisters on 8-Track. Phone ordering is so 70’s and 80’s. Beyond the nostalgia effect, there are many possible distractions along the way:

  • Poor phone connection
  • Whether automated or speaking to a human being, the process takes enough time for you to change your mind.
  • There is no direct connection between the TV content which converted you from a prospect to a lead to closing the sale.

If you go online to make the purchase, you visit the home shopping network’s homepage or a specific page. The distractions are clear:

  • Everything relies on you typing a website address on your home computer or smartphone.
  • If you end up at the home shopping network’s homepage, you have endless distractions. In the best case scenario, leads are sent to an isolated web page that has only one link – “Buy Now!”
  • There is no direct connection between the TV content and the action you initiated by typing in a website address in order to buy a skin care set.

In marketing, we call this a broken funnel. Broken funnels will always offer lower conversion rates. The more actions the lead has to take in order to become a customer, the less you sell. That’s why Amazon offers “one click purchase”. Who wants to type in their information every single time? The quicker the better for both sides.

The Smartphone Is Home Shopping’s Missing Link
Home Shopping Networks are thinking beyond the phone call. TV-to-Voice Phone Call is on its way out. It may take a decade to fully disappear, but 20-something’s with credit cards don’t see voice call purchasing as futuristic.
The smartphone is the highest common denominator in our lives. Our smartphone is much more than our phone. We use it to write and read reminders, for banking, online purchases, texting our friends, looking up cultural events. When is the last time you left your home without your smartphone? And if you did, how was that day?

TV-To-Mobile Is The Future of Home Shopping
TV-to-Mobile is the next natural step for home shopping networks. An instant connection from TV to the smartphone is a win-win for both customers and channels:

  • Point and Purchase is a fast and seamless process when compared to “Dial 1-800” or “Visit our website.” The lead points his or her smartphone to the screen and registered users can complete a one click purchase. From purchase decision to checkout – just a few seconds with zero distractions.
  • TV-To-Mobile is 100% Measureable. TV-to-Mobile enables Home Shopping Networks to leverage the best tracking and sales enhancement technologies that are just not available for customers who are picking up a phone to place an order. There is no Google Analytics for phone calls.
  • The Image Thing. In order to survive and thrive, Home Shopping Networks need to have a “cool and innovative image” to younger audiences, who are their future. Mobile isn’t just the future, mobile is the present. TV-To-Mobile shopping is a great way to capture a larger audience share of younger shoppers.

Are you a Home Shopping Network professional? I invite you to check out Sodyo’s unique TV-To-Mobile solution for Home Shopping Networks by browsing our website, and fill out the below form and we will give a live demonstration to you and your colleagues!

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