Custom Sodyo Marker Shapes Are One More Way to “Do You”

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May 19, 2021 6:00:00 PM

“You do you.” It’s a good motto for life, as well as for branding! At Sodyo, we know that every network has their own visual brand, and we’ve been busy growing our technology to help you express more of what makes you, you.

Sodyo solutions now allow our partners to select from a roster of custom Marker output shapes instead of being stuck with a simple square. Not that there’s anything wrong with squares! But, like your wardrobe, pantry, tool collection, or yarn stash, life is just more fun with choices.

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Custom Marker output options include basic shapes such as rectangle, coupon, trapezoid, and shopping cart. By adding simple visual treatments to the basic shape, these simple options can unlock a myriad of opportunities to flesh out a visual language for our partners. 

For example, a shopping cart is more than just a trapezoid shape with wheels: It adds a non-verbal call to action by suggesting a purchase opportunity. A coupon is more than just a rectangle shape with cutouts: It lets viewers know that a deal is available, or that they can scan here to buy tickets for sports events, concerts, airline travel and more. 

Of course, other more intricate shapes and customized Markers are available as well.

Theme frames offer another way to customize Markers. Go compact and modern with the geometric honeycomb theme, keep it fresh and clean with the oval, or emphasize the call to action with a black or white rectangle theme. 

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Theme frames are a great way to highlight and explain Sodyo technology to viewers who may be unfamiliar with it. Add a phone frame to let your audience know they can use their smartphone to interact with the Sodyo Marker on their screen or use the call-to-action field to explain directly that viewers can scan the Marker with either Sodyo’s QuikSnap or the broadcaster’s mobile app, running Sodyo technology. 

Alternatively, just use that CTA field to wish viewers a happy holiday, game day, Friday, or whatever else you’d like to enter in the custom text field. Like we said before: You do you.

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