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The Case For “Point And Vote” Reality TV Voting

by Ron Yagur, on Aug 2, 2017 2:37:16 PM

Reality TV shows continue to reap high ratings all over the world. Audiences love the suspense of not knowing who will win and they enjoy the sense of participation in the results - by voting and social media. Today, Reality TV voting is mostly done via SMS.

Consumers know that SMS messages and especially multimedia messages (photos and videos) can cost money, and they’re anyways used to using What’s App, Facebook and Viber. For many smartphone users, SMS is associated with spam, as that is what most incoming messages are.

Point And Vote - From TV To Smartphone

The Sodyo FarQR Code allows Reality TV audiences to vote by simple “pointing and scanning” their smartphones to the TV. Take a look at the below video:


I encourage you to download Sodyo for iOS or Android and experience it for yourself. Even without the app, play the video as I present a play-by-play of TV to Mobile Reality TV Voting.

The audience is watching a clip of 3 contestants and is asked to vote. The colorful FarQR Code on the screen is easily recognized. Open the Reality TV show app, and point it to the FarQR Code on the screen. A screen immediately appears on the smartphone and the viewer votes. Yes, with FarQR Codes you can vote from the couch. FarQR Codes have a detection range of 100x the size of the FarQR Code that is on the screens, so they can be scanned from nearly any spot in the family room.

Imagine a group of friends or a family sitting in the family room, watching a popular Reality TV show. When it’s time to vote for best singer, everyone clicks on an app and points their smartphones to the TV and votes. From a TV marketing perspective, Point and Vote beats SMS. I want my audience to get used to pointing their smartphones to my content. There’s a lot of symbolism there that TV marketing and sales teams can benefit from.

For those of you new to Sodyo and FarQR Codes, I invite you to read more Sodyo Blog articles. When you’re ready for a demonstration of FarQR Codes for TV, let us know below!

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