The 1-2-3 Point & Purchase Home Shopping Experience With FarQR Codes

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Jun 6, 2017 11:16:40 AM

Sodyo FarQR Codes are a perfect match for home shopping networks. Consumers want an easy way to make a purchase and the “highest common denominator” – the one device that everyone has within reach – is the smartphone (and the “couch tablet”).

How does a home shopping viewer complete a purchase with FarQR Codes?

TV Content Takes Viewer to End of the Funnel
Home shopping content takes viewers from the beginning to the end of the funnel. That’s your job, and you’ve been doing it for decades. There is the magic moment when we all decide, “Yes!” to make a purchase. This is also the moment of truth for any company – how long does it take the end of funnel prospect to turn into a sale? For TV, the question is also, “What does it take?

It takes FarQR Codes.

Point and Purchase – The New Language of Home Shopping
“I will buy it now,” the home shopping viewer decides. The viewer loads the home shopping app, clicks on a button, and points the smartphone to the TV. A product screen appears instantly on the smartphone, and the viewer can click and purchase the item.

Point and purchase. Viewers are well accustomed to using TV channel apps on their smartphones. With FarQR Codes, the purchase is just a few clicks away.

FarQR Codes are the key to increased sales and conversions for home shopping networks. If you are a home shopping network professional, I encourage you to contact us below and we will give you a bird’s eye view of FarQR Codes in action.

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