Television is being disrupted by online technologies. The industry is aware and all eyes are on O2O - Offline to Online - to regain audiences and advertising money. Television networks await the day when they will be able to offer additional content, special offers and even allow viewers to purchase items directly from commercials.

How will the perfect TV to mobile platform work?

The connection between television and mobile device will have to take place at the “speed of mobile”. Consumers have high expectations. They won’t wait even 3 seconds to receive content - it has to be instantaneous and intuitive. A natural gesture such as “Point and Purchase” and “Point and Interact” will be the key to O2O success.

A visual marker on a TV screen will be aesthetic. The TV screen is valuable real estate and the digital connection between the TV and mobile device has to be pleasing to the eye, compact and colorful.

TV to mobile will allow TV viewers to instantly purchase an item they are viewing on a commercial. Today, TV viewers have to dial a 1-800 number or visit a website - an awkward and low converting sales model. O2O will disrupt the current model by enabling instant purchases.

TV to mobile will finally allow TV to track leads. Tracking online leads is a science - a very complex one. Tracking TV leads (who dials 1-800 or visits a website and makes a purchase, or who calls the car dealership and asks for more information) is almost non-existent.

The future TV advertising model will forever change. Today, advertisers buy air time. The future model will be hybrid - air time + CPL (cost per lead). This is a win-win for both advertisers and TV networks. By allowing instant purchases, special offers and leads, the value of TV advertising will skyrocket.


When will this happen? 2017.

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