Sodyo Launches the “QuikSnap” Mobile App

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Dec 2, 2020 10:59:29 AM

transparent-04-HQThis fall, Sodyo rolled out QuikSnap, a bespoke, consumer-facing smartphone app. QuikSnap is a revolutionary new scanning application that provides interactive experiences during everyday life.

Unlike past incarnations of the Sodyo scanning technology, QuikSnap is not married to a specific broadcast network. It can be used to scan any of our colorful Sodyo Markers – no matter where they’re found, no matter where they lead, and no matter which network or brand shared them.

In the past, Sodyo has integrated its proprietary scanning technology into the mobile applications of its broadcast partners, but has not maintained a mobile app of its own. This has enabled broadcasters to white-label our technology and leverage it to drive downloads and engagement within their own app.

There are still many benefits to integrating Sodyo scanning technology into a customer’s existing app, and this option will continue to be available. However, now there will also be a way for broadcasters and brands to reap the benefits of interactive scanning even if they do not have (or do not want to use) their own mobile app.

The QuikSnap user interface features three main screens:


The center, default screen is the Sodyo scanner. As always, users can simply point their camera in the general direction of our Marker, and the app will pick it up – whether it’s displayed in print or on a digital screen, from near or afar, stationary or moving, and regardless of lighting or angle.

Swiping left in the app will display user history so that customers can revisit sites and products they’ve scanned in the past. Past scans can easily be favorited or shared with friends and social platforms via the History page.

Swiping right will bring up the “Explore” screen, which will be populated based on profile, activity, and interest tags indicated by the user when he or she registers. It will also be populated based on scanning history and any other parameter that a broadcaster or brand deems of value.

The “Explore” screen represents a huge potential value add for brands. Through “Explore,” they’re not just reaching firsthand consumers who directly saw and scanned their Sodyo Marker, but also secondhand customers who match demographic and interest categories relevant to their campaign (such as Music, Gaming, Business, Travel, and Wellness).

QuikSnap also represents exciting new opportunities and growth for Sodyo as an emerging technology. As Sodyo expands into out-of-home advertising, consumers must have the ability to scan codes from multiple brands rather than turning to individual apps every time they encounter a Sodyo Marker.

QuikSnap delivers that capability and is a key step toward socializing this colorful new challenger to the traditional static QR code.

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