Broadcasters - See the breakthrough TV technology that enables instant TV-to-smartphone interaction at IBCShow 2017!

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Aug 15, 2017 11:56:06 AM

Like many of you, I’m planning my upcoming trip to IBC 2017 in Amsterdam. I look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends and colleagues. It’s our biggest yearly gathering, for broadcasters and the broadcast eco-system, and it’s exciting to think about the new TV technologies that will be unveiled at IBC 2017.

I would like to share with you one TV technology that will be at IBC 2017.

Meet the FarQR Code, successor to the QR code. The FarQR Code allows broadcasters to engage and interact with TV audiences via “TV-to-smartphone”. Audiences interact with the TV screen and content instantly appears on their smartphone. FarQR Codes have a detection range of 100x the size of the FarQR code.

You decide the content:

  • Additional information based on your content
  • A special offer
  • A form which allows your audience to provide you or your advertisers a request for more information
  • “Point and Purchase” - your TV advertisers will love this.

I believe FarQR Codes have many use cases:

TV Networks can use FarQR Codes to engage and interact with your broadcast content. Audiences can read more about a celebrity, actor/actress and any item on one of your shows.

Sports TV Networks will immediately notice many benefits for a TV-to-smartphone connection. Sports fans are hungry for more information and statistics, and in many cases, Sports TV audiences watch TV and read sports content on their smartphones. FarQR Codes allow you to keep your audience engaged with your content.

Home Shopping Networks understand the challenge of the “broken funnel of TV”. When you watch promotional content and wish to make a purchase, or even receive more information, you have two options - “Dial 1-800” or “Visit our website”. Neither are strong TV connections and both guarantee low conversion rates. FarQR Codes allow TV audiences to “point and purchase” and “point and receive a special offer” in real-time and are therefore a perfect match for home shopping networks.


If you will be attending IBC 2017 and want to see a breakthrough TV technology that enables instant TV-to-smartphone interaction, email me and let’s meet at the conference!

Click here to email me and let’s meet!

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