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Step 1: Download and Install the Sodyo / QuikSnap Applications.
Step 2: Open the Application
Step 3: Play any of the videos below
Step 4: Point your smartphone to the screen and experience the magic of Sodyo!



Scan Me

Stand back, point your phone and experience the magic!!!

Sodyo's Solution for Broadcast Media

By adding a small, colorful marker to the screen of a TV program or advertisement, a viewer can use their smartphone to scan and instantly be connected to the content of your choice. Television becomes online and interactive. Viewers remain engaged and advertisers get increased benefits from using their precious advertising dollars in this medium.

Advertising: Commercials

TV viewers can scan and instantly purchase and get coupons from the comfort of their couch. Advertisers do not have to worry about their potential customers getting lost in the shuffle.

Broadcasting: TV Show

See how the Sodyo technology can enhance the viewer experience of watching a nature show.

Sodyo for Out of Home: Concept Movie

An example of how the Sodyo Out of Home Solution can be applied in a comprehensive manner for a retail solution.

Stadium Scan

Reality TV: Travel Show

See the power of Sodyo by viewing the Travel Show example - see how a show can use Sodyo to allow users to get more information, instantly book trips, read reviews, make purchases, and more!

Scan to Win

Broadcasting: News Show

Sodyo markers can be used for TV content to enrich content and increase user engagement. 

Digital Billboard

Reality TV: Cooking Show

TV viewers are able to interact with their favorite cooking show by pointing their smartphone at the screen and scanning to get the recipe, purchase items, and add an event to their calendar.


Offline to Online: Concept

Sodyo markers are perfect for broadcast TV – and they have uses that go way beyond the television screen.
Museum Scan

Sodyo for Logitics: Concept Movie

Our logistics solution combines distance, speed, and multi-marker scanning into a very powerful, low cost tool. Utilizing stationary cameras, drones, and/or mobile devices with SDKs and APIs, there is sure to be a solution to fit your needs.
Moving Ad

Advertising: Commercials

Experience the future of commercials. Until now, the advertising industry had no way to interact directly with the audience. Click and point with the Sodyo application to schedule a test drive!
Scan Distance

Reality TV: Voting

TV viewers are able point their smartphone at the marker and are able to experience real-time voting for their favorite musician or reality star. Similarly, Sodyo can be used for other interactions with TV programs as well.

Broadcasting: Sports TV

The Sodyo technology is used to provide users with more information about their favorite sports, allow them to purchase team apparel, and use their phones to navigate to the finish line.

Real Estate

Broadcasting: Home Shopping


Advertising: Scan to Purchase

Sodyo also enables immediate Point to Purchase - for example, buying concert tickets and sharing the information with others.
Print Ad

Broadcasting: Sports TV

An example showing a fun interactive poll.

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