Sodyo – Lead Generation for TV Broadcasters
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Sodyo is transforming television

Sodyo’s patented technology enables broadcasters to engage viewers and captivate audiences

Interact with your TV audience within content and commercials

Deploy TV to smartphone campaigns

Generate leads from your attentive audience with Sodyo!

3 Types of O2O Calls to Action

Sodyo Moves at the Speed of Mobile

Point and Purchase

The viewer points their phone or mobile device to the TV screen; a web page instantly appears on their phone which allows them to purchase a product, review their order and complete the purchase if they so choose.

Point and Learn More

The viewer points their phone or mobile device to the TV screen, and instantly receives additional information about a product or service. Point and Learn More is the “funnel opener” for durable goods and cars.

Point and Vote

The viewer points their phone or mobile device to the TV screen and votes for content choices offered on the television – favorite singer, favorite news story or whatever poll or vote your TV station wishes to offer.

Sodyo scans are instant

Sodyo works on all media

Sodyo is fast

Try Sodyo Now!

1. Download the Sodyo app


2. Load the Sodyo app

3. Play the video

4. Point your smartphone to the screen and experience the magic of Sodyo!

Get A demo
Get A demo

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