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The Power of Sodyo

Sodyo provides the next generation of interactive scanning technology that enables users to easily scan a small marker and be instantly connected to any actionable content of your choice. We connect offline to online in any environment – outdoor, indoor, print & digital.


Any Distance

Sodyo markers can be scanned from much farther distances than other scanning technologies - up to 100x the size of the code with efficient use of space. If you can see it, you can scan it.


Any Media

Print, Digital, you name it. If you can put a marker on it, you can scan it. This allows for the same technology to be used for all your scanning needs, from warehouse logistics to integrated advertising campaigns in real world interactive environments.


Multi-Marker Scanning

The advanced Sodyo technology allows for very rapid, simultaneous scanning of multiple Sodyo markers, which can be a game changer for certain applications, such as in the logistics market.

What can I do with it?

The Sodyo technology is useful across a wide range of applications, such as eCommerce, offline to online interactions, logistics, and more.  See below for how we sell the Solutions, but don't let that limit you - we would love to hear how you would use the technology!

Broadcast Media Car 300 200

Broadcast Media

Broadcasters and advertisers use Sodyo for a variety of televised programs and advertisements to enrich content, increase engagement, and monetize.

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Billboard 300 200 Opt

Out of Home

Brands, municipalities, and advertisers can use Sodyo in a variety of ways to create an immersive experience throughout our daily lives.

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Logistics 300 200


Multi-marker scanning combined with the long distance and rapid scanning makes the Sodyo technology ideal for the logistics market.

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Parking 300 200


The long distance and wide-angle of the Sodyo technology can be combined with a payment solution to provide an effective Parking solution.

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Payments 300 200


The Sodyo technology can be easily and effectively utilized as a solution for secure mobile payments.

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General Phone 300 200

General Use

There are many more uses for the Sodyo technology just waiting to be explored. Contact us today to see if our solution meets your needs.

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Want to Learn More?

Take a look through our Solutions pages or contact us to learn more!
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Try it Yourself

Step 1: Download and install the Sodyo Application
Step 2: Open the Sodyo Application
Step 3: Click on any of the pictures below to enlarge, point the phone from any distance and scan the marker
Step 4: Instantly be connected to the content behind the marker