The Sodyo Team

Alon Raz - Sodyo Member

Alon Raz – CEO

Alon Raz is a passionate serial entrepreneur and investor with over 15 years of experience in building and managing technological startups in a variety of fields, platforms and environments.

Alex Alon - Sodyo Member

Alex Alon – Co-Founder

Alex holds a B.Sc. in Physics (TAU) and M.Sc. in Physics (Weizmann Institute). Alex is a serial entrepreneur and expert in image processing. Alex’s inventions are implemented in millions of cellular phones around the world.

Rina Alon - Sodyo Member

Rina Alon – Co-Founder

Rina holds a B.Sc. in Physics & Math from the Hebrew University. Rina has 15 years of experience leading complex technology projects, and is known for her entrepreneurial and technology innovation.

Fred Garroy - Sodyo Member

Fred Garroy – Co-Founder

Frederic has been working 20 years in the broadcast industry and has a strong experience in live production. In 1996, he joined EVS when still in its early stage and was key in developing its sales team.

Ron Yagur - Sodyo Member

Ron Yagur – VP Engineering

Ron holds a BA in Computer Science, and an MBA in Business Administration (TAU). Ron has 15 years of experience in senior development positions, strategy and business development, including 10 years at Motorola.

Gabi Broitman - Sodyo Member

Gabi Broitman – Co-Founder and COO

Gabi holds an MBA in Business Administration from the College of Management specializing in high tech companies. Gabi has vast experience in planning, building and operating operations at high tech companies.

Ronit Albo - Sodyo Member

Ronit Albo – Office Manager

Ronit holds an MA in Sociology of Organizations and Mediation degree from Haifa University. Ronit has 20 years of experience in HR & Admin related areas, such as employee relations, at high tech companies.

Cathy Yagur - Sodyo Member

Cathy Yagur – Director of Business Development

Cathy holds a B.Sc. in Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology. Cathy is an accomplished business manager with more than 15 years experience in business & product management, marketing, and engineering.