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Broadcast Depot: We will increase Sodyo's presence

Produ - Ernesto Ecarri
January 28, 2020

Broadcast Depot highlights the good prospects with the increase in new implementations of the Sodyo solution, which allows interaction between traditional TV and second screens. Danilo Bautista, Sales Director of Broadcast Depot, highlighted the advantages offered by this platform for traditional broadcasters . “With the implementation of Sodyo in traditional media, the advertiser finds the mixture of the three pillars of the marketing conversion funnel : awareness / evaluation / conversion . This offers a very important advantage that other options do not. ”

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Snap It joins TV and second screen

Produ - Ernesto Ecarri
October 15, 2019

Under the commercial name of Snap It, TVN of Panama presented to its clients and advertising agencies a new modality of communication with the audience that promises the convergence of the traditional TV screen with the second screen of mobile phones.

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SET Expo - Danilo Bautista of Broadcast Depot: Sodyo favors new monetization options for open TV

Produ - Ernesto Ecarri, São Paulo
August 28, 2019

Broadcast Depot with 2Live showed at SET Expo 2019 the versatility of Sodyo, a new solution that intensifies the interaction between traditional TV and the audience through mobile phones.

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Danilo Bautista of Broadcast Depot: Sodyo expands the possibilities of interaction with TV channels

April 1, 2019

Broadcast Depot will exhibit Sodyo technology at NAB Show 2019, which allows TV channels to interact with their audience through a novel solution. Danilo Bautista, Sales Director of Broadcast Depot, explains: “Sodyo is a technology that allows an icon to take action through reading on a mobile phone. It is very similar to the QR that take you to a link on a product web page. The difference of Sodyo is that it has no distance limitations. Being a color code you can even disguise with the graphics of the TV channel or the program. It allows the interaction between the viewer and the TV program or the TV channel ”. And he adds: “Those responsible for Sodyo present it as an O2O product: off line to on line content

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Danilo Bautista, Broadcast Depot: Customers value the importance of scanning metadata provided by Sodyo

Produ - Ernesto Ecarri
August 8, 2019

Sodyo is making great progress in the Latin American territory and the TV channels of the region already consider it a very valuable option to increase the interaction with its audiences and the monetization of its contents. 

Danilo Bautista, Sales Director of Broadcast Depot, explains: “Sodyo has been growing and we are very happy about this. The feedback of the clients in each presentation has been very interesting, as ideas arise with each one...

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Elías Rodríguez, general director of Operations and Technology of Televisa - Interview

Produ - Ernesto Ecarri, CDMX
June 26, 2019

"The representative of Televisa was very interested in the monetization technologies that were shown in the show: "The Sodyo solution is very interesting for me, since the advertiser can have an interactive medium even in the traditional broadcast medium and, on the other hand, side, it allows to have metadata. Having the data of my audience and final consumer will allow me to make more personalized content. It is a very important solution."

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Sodyo - A bridge between traditional TV and digital trends

May 6, 2019

Broadcast Depot recently introduced Sodyo in Latin America, a technology that allows a bridge between traditional TV and the digital strategies of advertisers and TV channels.

Danilo Bautista, Sales Director of Broadcast Depot, explains: "Sodyo provides the opportunity to interact with any content, either written or visual (banners , digital advertising or TV screens). Reading this icon on your mobile makes it easy to send to any desired destination: be it an application, an advertiser's promotion, statistical information about the football match that is being broadcast, watch replay. ..

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What Caught Our Eye at NAB 2019

Vincent Theeten
April 19, 2019

After having spent an exciting week at NAB 2019 in Las Vegas, we made it home with lots of new energy, inspiration, and interesting stories. In case you didn’t make it to the fair this year, we thought we’d share some quick insights with you on the brands that caught our eye for many different reasons.

Impressive scanning tech from Sodyo - “If you can see it, you can scan it”

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Nab Show Announces Winners of the First-Ever Product of the Year Awards

National Association of Broadcasters
April 12, 2019

Las Vegas, NV – NAB Show Product of the Year Awards recognize the most significant and promising new products and technologies on display for the first time at the NAB Show. Award winners were selected by a panel of industry experts in a variety of categories and were announced at a reception at the Westgate on April 10 as part of the 2019 NAB Show. This year's winners are:

Display Systems / Digital Signage: Broadcast Depot Corp. - SODYO Scanner

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Sodyo Allows for QR-Code-Esque Icon on Far Away Billboards

Rave Publications
April 1, 2019

Featured in DSE 2019, Sodyo Allows for QR-Code-Esque Icon on Far Away Billboards. Out of home advertising delivers more than 90% reach and an average of three hours view time daily but there is no method for conversion and no real way to instantly monetize. With Sodyo, it is possible to leverage the Smartphone to create added value as a path to instantly monetize, to engage users by providing complementary content and to enable users to interact.

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Broadcast Depot: Pre-NAB Show Video Interview - Sodyo

Broadcast Beat
March 5, 2019

The Next Generation Scanning Technology. Sodyo is the next generation of interactive scanning technology that enables a user to easily scan a small marker and be instantly connected to any actionable content of your choice.

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Why We Invested in Sodyo

August 19, 2018

At Atooro, we have a laser focus on the deep tech sector, and we’re especially drawn to innovative projects concerning Natural Language Processing (NLP), Cybersecurity, and technologies that improve human-computer interaction via microphone, camera, or other devices. At the moment, businesses in almost every industry are searching frantically for effective offline to online (O2O) solutions.

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Sodyo’s Vision For The Next-Gen QR Code

May 23, 2018

What if QR Codes could transition consumers seamlessly between the online and offline worlds, blurring the lines between physical and digital retail, and ingraining shopping as part of the everyday experience? They can’t, but the next generation of scannable codes aims to do exactly that, leveraging a color matrix that can be scanned from afar and renders well on TV screens.

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2017: What is the Future of TV Shopping?

Budd Margolis
December 23, 2017

We first have to redefine our use of terminology as technology has blurred the distinction between TV and screens. The convergence and disruption of constant connection and unlimited access to informational and a new social context has created a new paradigm of consumption activity.

Society gorges on content. We no longer watch or interact with entertainment as we once did...

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Sodyo Introduces FarQR – The Next Generation QR Code

Business Wire
March 29, 2017

Sodyo is proud to announce the release of a new groundbreaking QR Code – FarQR – solution for broadcasters that is poised to forever change the TV advertising business model. Sodyo’s disruptive technology allows viewers to point their smartphone at the TV screen and scan a FarQR Code that broadcasters place within the content or commercials.

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Sodyo Introduces First-Ever O2O – Offline to Online – Lead Generation Solution For TV Broadcasters

Business Wire
March 13, 2017

Sodyo is proud to announce the release of a new groundbreaking O2O – offline to online – solution for broadcasters that is poised to forever change the TV advertising business model. Sodyo’s disruptive technology allows viewers to point their smartphone at the TV screen and “scan” a colorful marker that broadcasters place within the content or commercials.

A Little Box of Colors Holds the Future of Advertising

Israel 21c
May 23, 2016

Israeli startup Sodyo’s groundbreaking technology could become the standard for interactive ad campaigns. No more taking photos of advertisements with phone numbers or websites to look at later. An Israeli company is “magically” turning every commercial into an interactive experience.

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Sodyo Brings Simplicity to Second Screen Interactivity

Sports Video Group (SVG)
May 16, 2016

Sodyo is a new take on the QR code concept, making use of patented Color Vertex Point (CVP) technology that colorful tags/markers versus a QR code. Perhaps most importantly the marker can be upwards of 100 meters away (or a distance equal to 150-times the size of the marker) from the user and still create an action.

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