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Sodyo Stadium Scan

The Next Generation

Scanning Technology

With Sodyo, virtually any object becomes interactive.

If you can see it, you can scan it.



Until now, there was no way to interact with objects that: 

Sodyo scan from distance far
Are far away

Are far away

Sodyo Scan Bus Station
Works for both print and digital

Works for both print and digital

Sodyo bring the user online
Easily brings the user online

Easily brings the user online

Sodyo has changed all of that

Sodyo is the next generation of interactive scanning technology that enables a user to easily scan a small marker and be instantly connected to any actionable content of your choice.

Superior Technology

Sodyo utilizes a proprietary, patented technology that can be applied to many different markets.

With Sodyo
Nothing is too far

Any Environment, Any Media

We connect offline to online in any environment - outdoor, indoor, print and digital.



What Makes Sodyo the Best?

Any Distance

Up to 100x the size of the code with efficient use of space. If you can see it, you can scan it.
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Multi-Marker Scanning

Simultaneously scans multiple codes.
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Extremely fast processing time leads to an excellent user experience.
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Can be scanned under varying illumination conditions and wide scanning angles.
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Any Media

Supports any printed or digital platform.
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Use Your Applications

With SDKs and APIs, you can build the Sodyo technology into your own mobile applications and back-end systems.
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Connect any content, assign actions and publish campaigns.


The data is not contained within the marker and can be changed at any any time.


Features Advanced Analytics and reporting tools.


The markers are unique enough to not appear accidentally in the real world.


Scan Sodyo codes, QR codes, and bar codes.


Colorful codes that can be branded or made into custom shapes.


It matches the first and traditional screen, the TV, with the second screen, the smartphone… [creating] the possibility to broadcast content in a paired way, from what you see on TV, to your smartphone through the scanner.

-Ernesto Ecarri, Produ Technology Editor

"We believe the future of 'new retail' will be a harmonious integration of online and offline.

- Daniel Zhang, Alibaba Group CEO

TV viewers now expect genuine two-way interaction. This is a genie that, once released, can’t easily be put back into its bottle. So whatever the future holds for television viewing, it will involve mobile and social engagement and be designed to encourage genuine viewer participation.

- James Blake

Codes are valuable because you just snap, and in one second you take some action

- Amit Fulay, Google Allo product lead

See for Yourself

Step 1: Download and install the Sodyo Application

Step 2: Open the Sodyo Application
Step 3: Click play on the video below and point the phone from any distance to scan the marker
Step 4: Instantly be connected to the content behind the marker

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