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Interact with Everything in Sight

Imagine a world where you can walk down the street and interact with nearly everything you see- advertisements on the bus, a billboard across the street, a street sign that tells you about a famous landmark and helps you navigate to the beach. With Sodyo all that is possible, and more.

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A New Way to Interact with Your Surroundings

If there were a way to revolutionize how you interact with the world around you wouldn't you want to be a part of it?  And even better, what if it were a low cost way for companies and municipalities to implement and it was an easy method for brands and advertisers to make money, wouldn't you want to seize the opportunity?

Welcome to the world of Sodyo.

Just add a Marker

By adding a Sodyo marker to the screen of a digital display or on a print advertisement, a user can use their smartphone to scan and instantly be connected to the content of your choice..

It's that easy
What are you waiting for?

For an Instant Connection

The offline content becomes online and interactive. Users can interact instantly and advertisers get increased benefits from using their precious advertising dollars in this medium.



Everything offline becomes online in an instant

Enrich Content

Give your users more information about stores, brands, cities, landmarks, important events, and more. When they scan the marker they are instantly connected to information that leads to an immersive experience such as travel times and routes of public transportation or other landing pages of your choice. They can listen to audio or watch a video, add an event to their calendar, and much more.

Increase Engagement

An engaged user is a loyal user who makes repeat purchases and visits. Increase your users’ engagement by allowing them to scan the marker and instantly see a landing page or website, leave feedback about a restaurant, enter a contest, interact with your business, place an order, and so much more.


Bring users to the storefront and monetize faster and easier when viewers scan a marker and instantly make a purchase or get a coupon. Users can use the Sodyo markers to pay for restaurant and transportation as well.

Brand Recognition

Increase brand recognition by simplifying interaction with the surroundings. Users can scan the markers to get more information about the brand and products, or instantly make a purchase.

On-Board Users

On-board users to your mobile application by creating an interactive and engaging experience

Create an Immersive Experience

Use Sodyo with advanced and innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality to deliver amazing content to users.


Try it Yourself


Step 1: Download and install the Sodyo Application
Step 2: Open the Sodyo Application
Step 3: Point the phone from any distance and scan the marker
Step 4: Instantly be connected to the content behind the marker

The Use Cases are Endless

Ready to get started?

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