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Bringing Television Online

In today’s world, TV Viewing and Smartphone use go hand-in-hand - 85% of smartphone owners use their device while watching TV. Why not turn that distraction into an opportunity with Sodyo?

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The Transformation of TV

In today’s world, television is the largest remaining offline platform. It has millions of users who tune in every night and thousands of advertisers who pay to have their products shown. But the viewers want more – more information, perhaps a way to interact. They get distracted. Advertisers want more – they want to know more about who saw their ads, they want instant purchases without buyers getting lost. 

This is where Sodyo comes in.

Simply Add a Marker

By adding a small, colorful marker to the screen of a TV program or advertisement, a viewer can use their smartphone to scan and instantly be connected to the content of your choice.

It's that easy
What are you waiting for?

TV is Instantly Online

Television becomes online and interactive. Viewers remain engaged and advertisers get increased benefits from using their precious advertising dollars in this medium.



Viewers can sit on their couch and interact with their TV from across the room

Enrich Content

Enrich the viewing experience by giving your viewers more information. When they scan the marker they are instantly connected to information. They can listen to audio or watch a video, make a phone call, add an event to their calendar, and much more.

Increase Engagement

An engaged viewer is a viewer who doesn't change the channel. Increase your viewers’ engagement by allowing them to scan the marker and instantly see a landing page or website, vote on their favorite contestant, enter a contest, interact with your show or business, ask a question or leave a comment.


Bring users to the storefront and monetize faster and easier when viewers scan a marker and instantly make a purchase or get a coupon.

Brand Recognition

Increase brand recognition by simplifying interaction with advertisements and shows. Viewers can scan the markers on screen to get more information about the brand and products, or instantly make a purchase.

On-board Users

On-board users to your mobile application by creating an interactive and engaging experience

Create an Immersive Experience

Use Sodyo with advanced and innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality to deliver amazing content to users.


Try it Yourself

Step 1: Download and install the Sodyo Application
Step 2: Open the Sodyo Application
Step 3: Point the phone from any distance and scan the marker
Step 4: Instantly be connected to the content behind the marker

The Possibilities are Endless

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