Sodyo enables TV to capture leads in real-time

Sodyo TV enhances the TV commercial experience by strengthening the sales funnel. Viewers can interact immediately with the television via their smartphone and:

Point and Purchase

Point and Purchase

The viewer points their mobile device to the TV screen; a pre-loaded web page instantly appears on their mobile device which allows them to purchase a product, review their order and complete the purchase if they so choose.

Point and Learn More

Point and Learn More

The viewer points their mobile device to the TV screen, and instantly receives additional information about a product or service. Point and Learn More is the “funnel opener” for durable goods and cars.

Point and Vote - Our Products Sodyo

Point and Vote

The viewer points their mobile device to the TV screen and votes for content choices offered on the TV – favorite singer, favorite news story or whatever poll or vote your TV station offers.

Onboarding to Sodyo is Easy!

Download the Sodyo SDK

You download the Sodyo SDK (“Mobile Installation Kit”) and integrate it to your mobile app.

Get Sodyo Markers

Sodyo provides you FarQR Codes. Each FarQR Code leads to a pre-loaded web page that you define. This web page is what appears on the phone or mobile device when a viewer uses a Sodyo-enabled app and points the device to the screen.

Track Sodyo Marker - Our Products Sodyo

You receive access to a tracking and analytics page where you can track FarQR Code usage and conversions – similar to web lead tracking.

Pricing Model

We assist you in communicating and offering “Sodyo TV Lead Generation” to your advertisers by providing you a robust sales kit and direct access to a Sodyo sales professional.

One Time Setup Fee - Our Products Sodyo

One Time Setup Fee

Our team assists you to integrate the Sodyo SDK and FarQR Codes into your existing broadcast platform. Sodyo provides best practices for working with Sodyo TV, free demo FarQR Codes, direct access to Sodyo Analytics.

Per Marker TV Scan - Our Product Sodyo

Per FarQR Code TV Scan

Sodyo sells TV stations FarQR Codes that TV stations resell to their advertisers based on a tiered SaaS model. TV stations purchase a monthly package of FarQR Codes and Far QR Code scans (scan usage). This model allows TV stations to convert viewers into leads.