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How TV-to-Mobile is Going to Revolutionize Sports TV

by Ron Yagur, on Jun 11, 2017 10:52:03 AM

You’re sitting on the couch watching a game on a sports TV network. As a sports fan, you crave stats – on the game, the teams, players… So you open your smartphone or tablet and start looking things up. Next thing you know, you are lost in a web of information on Google. You just wanted stats of the game you are watching, and preferably from the content provider – who is in a position to know what you want. You ended up at a competitor’s website.

If you are in a country where sports betting is legal, you may wish to place a bet. Like the above example of gathering stats, you can’t make a direct TV-to-mobile connection – and this means distractions.

The Perils of Distractions

Every time a sports TV viewer goes to Google on his smartphone or tablet, the sports TV brand loses. There are wonderful websites that offer sports stats, but you – the sports TV network – need to keep your audience in your world.

Once your audience gets to Google, they have literally trillions of places where they can end up, and none of them do you any good.

The same for sports betting. If your advertisers are offering sports betting during TV commercials, offering a toll free number or “Visit our website” is what we call in marketing a “broken funnel”.

The Smartphone Is Sports TV’s Missing Link

Sports TV networks already have excellent mobile apps that offer tons of stats that sports fans are hungry for. What is missing is a direct link between TV and mobile.

The smartphone is the highest common denominator in our lives. Our smartphone is much more than our phone. We use it to write and read reminders, for banking, online purchases, texting our friends, looking up cultural events. When is the last time you left your home without your smartphone? And if you did, how was that day?

TV-To-Mobile Is The Future of Sports TV

TV-to-Mobile is the next natural step for Sports TV. An instant connection from TV to the smartphone is a win-win for both audience and sports networks:

  • Point and Bet is a fast and seamless process when compared to “Dial 1-800” or “Visit our website.” The viewer points his or her smartphone to the screen and registered users can quickly place a bet. From decision to placing the bet – just a few seconds with zero distractions.
  • Point and View Stats. Keep your valued audience within your world, within your network. Send them directly from TV to mobile. You know want they want. You were just missing the TV-to-mobile connection.
  • TV-to-Mobile is 100% Measurable. TV-to-Mobile enables Sports TV Networks to leverage the best tracking and marketing technologies that cut out an unnecessary middle man – “the open web”. 
  • The Image Thing. In order to survive and thrive, Sports TV Networks need to have a “cool and innovative image” to younger audiences, who are their future. Mobile isn’t just the future, mobile is the present. TV-to-Mobile is the only way to avoid sending your audience to competitors.

Are you a Sports TV Network professional? I invite you to check out Sodyo’s unique TV-To-Mobile solution for Sports TV Networks by browsing our website, and fill out the below form and we will give you a live demonstration to you and your colleagues!

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