Sports TV fans just love information. Of all TV audiences, they are the most likely to be reading or watching videos on their smartphone while sitting in the family room and watching a game.

While watching Sports TV, your audience is either engaging with your content on smartphone, or that of another Sports TV network or sports news website.

How Sports TV To Mobile Works

Meet the FarQR Code, the successor to the QR code. The FarQR Code has a detection range of 100x the size of the FarQR Code. This means you can scan a FarQR Code with your smartphone while sitting on the couch. FarQR Codes are fast - when you scan a FarQR Code from a TV, interactive content instantly appears on your smartphone or tablet that you, the broadcaster, have full control over.

This is how you keep your TV audience engaged with your content on mobile - by offering a powerful TV to smartphone connection.

Feed Your Sports TV Audience Quality Content

There are so many things you can do with Sports TV to mobile! You, the broadcaster, have accumulated a huge content library. You also have a popular app that your audience loves to use. The key is to connect the two. 

After a slam dunk, a grand slam in baseball or a hole in one, allow your audience to view an instant replay on smartphone.

When the teams come out from the locker room, this is when your audience is probably reading up on the game. Offer your own content - and a connection from TV to smartphone to make it happen and keep them within your world.

Stats, analysis, video clips - the art of Sports TV is in connecting the thread and creating the story of sports.

Out of the Box Sports TV To Mobile Benefits
With a Sports TV to mobile connection, you can go beyond static content, and offer your audience much more. Why not offer tickets to games and events that your Sport TV channel is involved in? How about live contests with prizes that keep the audience engaged? Let your Sports TV audience vote in real-time - “Best Play/Game/MVP”.

Add an element of interactivity to your Sports TV broadcast and retain your audience.

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