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Sodyo is Broadcasters’ Key to Connecting TV to Online

by Alon Raz, on Mar 14, 2017 11:14:33 AM

I am proud to present Sodyo to the world this week. Sodyo is a powerful technology with a laser-like focus:

 Sodyo’s goal is to enable TV broadcasters to connect and engage with audiences like never before.

Sodyo is an O2O – offline to online – solution for broadcasters that is poised to forever change the TV advertising business model. Sodyo’s disruptive technology allows viewers to point their smartphone at the TV screen and “scan” a colorful marker that broadcasters place within the content or commercials.

How Are Sodyo Markers Unique?

Sodyo markers go way beyond the QR Code:

  • Distance – The scanning distance is at least 100 times the size of the tag, which is similar to the observation distance of a normal human eye. Order of magnitude (~ x10) longer scanning distance versus size compared to other coding methods. For example a 5X5 cm tag can be detected by a typical smartphone from at least 5 meters, in perfect match with TV viewing requirements.
  • Omni Media – Sodyo markers can be used on any media or platform such as TV, LED displays, LCDs, billboards, projection and print of any type.
  • Fast – When viewers scan TV content, the ad appears on their smartphone instantly due to Sodyo’s optimized content delivery.
  • Design Worthy – Sodyo markers can be customized to any shape. For example, you can easily design and deploy a marker in the shape of a shopping cart or car.

How Does Sodyo Work?

Broadcasters place a marker on a commercial. The viewer points their phone to the screen, and interactive content from the broadcaster instantly appears on the phone from any viewing distance.

Sodyo is a First for TV

This is the first time that broadcasters can monetize large and attentive audiences. TV will always be the premier media real estate in any home. Until now, TV relied on “Dial 1-800” and “Visit our website” for lead capturing. TV leads are worth a lot more than web leads – TV will always be the biggest screen in the house, with the highest quality content and commercials. With Sodyo, broadcasters are sitting on an untapped gold mine.

Sodyo allows viewers to:

  • Point and Purchase products and services – perfect for shopping networks
  • Point and Learn More about products and services
  • Point and Vote for content choices offered on TV – favorite singer, favorite news story or a poll

I invite all TV broadcasters to experience the magic of Sodyo below!

1. Download the Sodyo app

IOS AppStore Download Icon

2. Load the Sodyo app

3. Play the below video
4. Point your smartphone to the screen and experience the magic of Sodyo!




 I would also like to invite all of you to read more about Sodyo - our Product and Technology pages offer an in-depth look into the future of television.

Alon Raz, CEO


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