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4 Reasons Why The QR Code Didn’t Make The Cut

by Ron Yagur, on May 23, 2017 11:19:47 AM

QR code – 1994 to 2017 – may you rest in peace. The QR code had a wonderful run. What were the QR code’s inherent disadvantages and why didn’t the QR code make the cut?

QR Codes Have A Very Short Detection Range

Detection range is the most obvious disadvantage of the QR code. For QR codes to scan, you have to be standing right in front of the code. QR codes weren’t meant to work from the couch or from within a crowd of people in front of digital screens. QR codes are an in-your-face experience.

For most people, the most common QR code experience was at airports, bus and train stations. You walked up to a large print ad and scan the code.

QR Codes Don’t Work Well on TV
Print is wonderful, but we live in an omni-media world. A universal O2O (offline to online) code cannot ignore television. Whatever challenges broadcast media are going through, the TV will always be the prime real estate in almost every home. The modern Smart TV has an operating system, Wi-Fi, lets you subscribe directly to channels, watch content via USB and even update your video games. The QR code is nowhere to be seen on TV.

TV needs an offline-to-online activation switch.

QR Codes Don’t Fit Into Modern Brands
There will never be a museum of QR codes. QR codes aren’t customizable into brands. For marketing teams, QR codes are black and white relics. TV stations and advertisers need to connect to mobile via a code that reflects the brand.

QR Codes Provide An Uneven Experience
The lack of central management is a huge disadvantage for QR codes. There is no quality control and therefore no high level user experience. Users don’t know what to expect and brands hesitate to work with a mediocre technology. Today’s mobile users have very high expectations thanks to their smartphones and gadgets.

FarQR Code To The Rescue!
The FarQR Code resolves all of the above 4 issues that stopped the QR code in its tracks:

• FarQR Codes have a detection range of 100x the size of the FarQR Code
• FarQR Codes are omni-media and are made for TV, print and outdoor digital
• FarQR Codes are customizable
• FarQR Codes provide a high level user experience

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