Sodyo’s Vision For The Next-Gen QR Code

What if QR Codes could transition consumers seamlessly between the online and offline worlds, blurring the lines between physical and digital retail, and ingraining shopping as part of the everyday experience? They can’t, but the next generation of scannable codes aims to do exactly that, leveraging a color matrix that can be scanned from afar and renders well on TV screens.


Thanks to Snapchat and Apple, QR Codes Could Finally Become Cool

Recently, broadcast lead generation provider Sodyo unveiled FarQR. FarQR addresses the range limitations of conventional QR and can be used both for television and outdoor digital display screens. FarQR uses color vertex points rather than monochrome tiles to encode information. FarQR promises a detection range approximately 100 times the size of the code versus QR which can only be detected about 10 times the size of the code.

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Sodyo Introduces FarQR – The Next Generation QR Code

Sodyo is proud to announce the release of a new groundbreaking QR Code – FarQR – solution for broadcasters that is poised to forever change the TV advertising business model. Sodyo’s disruptive technology allows viewers to point their smartphone at the TV screen and scan a FarQR Code that broadcasters place within the content or commercials.

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Sodyo introduceert FarQR – de nieuwe generatie QR-codes

Sodyo kondigt met trots de lancering van een nieuwe, baanbrekende QR-code aan – FarQR. Dit systeem voor televisie-uitzendingen heeft alles in zich om het verdienmodel voor tv-reclame voor altijd te veranderen. Dankzij Sodyo’s ontwrichtende technologie kunnen kijkers een in tv-programma’s of reclame verwerkte FarQR-code scannen door hun smartphone voor de televisie te houden.

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Sodyo führt FarQR ein – der QR-Code der nächsten Generation

Sodyo gibt die Markteinführung eines neuen bahnbrechenden QR-Codes bekannt. FarQR ist eine Lösung für Rundfunkanbieter, die das Geschäftsmodell für Fernsehwerbung für immer zu verändern verspricht. Die zukunftsweisende Technologie von Sodyo erlaubt es Fernsehzuschauern, einen in den Inhalt oder Werbespot eingebetteten FarQR-Code zu scannen, indem sie ihr Smartphone einfach in Richtung Fernsehbildschirm halten.

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Sodyo Apresenta FarQR – A Nova Geração de Código QR

A Sodyo orgulha-se em anunciar o lançamento de uma nova solução pioneira de Código QR – FarQR – para emissoras, que está prestes a mudar o modelo do negócio publicitário de TV para sempre. A tecnologia perturbadora da Sodyo permite que os espectadores apontem seus smartfones para a tela de TV e escaneiem um Código FarQR que as emissoras colocam dentro do conteúdo ou dos comerciais.

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Sodyo presenta FarQR: La próxima generación de código QR

Sodyo se enorgullece de anunciar el lanzamiento de una solución nueva y revolucionaria de código QR –FarQR– para las emisoras que está por cambiar para siempre el modelo del negocio publicitario en la TV. La tecnología innovadora de Sodyo les permite a los espectadores apuntar su celular a la pantalla de la TV y escanear un código FarQR que las emisoras muestran en sus contenidos o en las publicidades.

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Sodyo presenta FarQR, la prossima generazione di codici QR

Sodyo è lieta di annunciare il rilascio di FarQR, una rivoluzionaria soluzione per la lettura di codici QR dedicata alle emittenti televisive che ha tutte le carte in regola per cambiare il modello di business per la pubblicità televisiva. L’innovativa tecnologia targata Sodyo permette agli spettatori di puntare lo smartphone verso lo schermo TV e di effettuare la scansione di un codice FarQR inserito dalle emittenti all’interno del contenuto o degli spot pubblicitari.

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Sodyo présente FarQR – le QR Code de nouvelle génération

Sodyo est fière d’annoncer la sortie d’une nouvelle solution de QR Code révolutionnaire – FarQR – destinée aux télédiffuseurs et qui s’apprête à modifier pour toujours le modèle économique de la publicité télévisée. La technologie de rupture de Sodyo permet aux téléspectateurs de diriger leur smartphone vers un écran de télévision et de scanner un FarQR Code que les télédiffuseurs placent dans le contenu ou les publicités.

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Sodyo Introduces First-Ever O2O – Offline to Online – Lead Generation Solution For TV Broadcasters

Sodyo is proud to announce the release of a new groundbreaking O2O – offline to online – solution for broadcasters that is poised to forever change the TV advertising business model. Sodyo’s disruptive technology allows viewers to point their smartphone at the TV screen and “scan” a colorful marker that broadcasters place within the content or commercials.


A Little Box of Colors Holds the Future of Advertising

Israeli startup Sodyo’s groundbreaking technology could become the standard for interactive ad campaigns. No more taking photos of advertisements with phone numbers or websites to look at later. An Israeli company is “magically” turning every commercial into an interactive experience.

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Sodyo Brings Simplicity to Second Screen Interactivity

Sodyo is a new take on the QR code concept, making use of patented Color Vertex Point (CVP) technology that colorful tags/markers versus a QR code. Perhaps most importantly the marker can be upwards of 100 meters away (or a distance equal to 150-times the size of the marker) from the user and still create an action.